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The Morning Mayhem

Monday to Friday 6 - 9am

Kathy and and the team delve into everything relevant to Middle East, local and world Jewish communities. Thispower team will keep you updated, informed and entertained as your day begins. News, Traffic, Weather, Sport, Israel, Australia, Tech, Marketing, Mental Health, Riddles for kids and great music all make for a good mix of Morning Radio - and it's the BEST start to your Day. 

Your Afternoon with Howard Feldman

Monday to Thursday 4 - 6pm

Your Afternoon with Howard Feldman brings a new sense of ration, calm and good sense into a world gone mad. Howard and his team bring you breaking news, interesting views, qualified opinions from top experts, daily Israel Reports, the America Report with Dovid Efune of the Algemeiner, The London Report with Brendan Beder and volumes of additional information all delivered with Howard Feldman's wit and ascerbic humour. 


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DownloadNamePlaySize Length
downloadProfessor Yosuf Veriava nephrologist Hypertension

51.3 MB56:04 min
downloadProfessor Anthony Myers (nephrologist) world kidney day on the 9th of March

45.4 MB49:32 min
downloadSister Lara Kaplan - Breastfeeding

45.8 MB50:02 min
downloadDr Alan Wolovitz - Specialist Surgery

46.4 MB50:41 min
downloadKelly du Plessis - Rare desease South Africa

45.3 MB49:26 min
downloadSister Lara Kaplan - Dischem wellness clinic - vaccines and childhood development

47.8 MB52:14 min
downloadDischem Medical Monday - Whats in your Chicken - Kevin Lovell CEO of SA Poultry Association

47.9 MB52:18 min
downloadLara DeChazal - Debanking diet myths

48.4 MB52:50 min
downloadPinky Sariel - Cardiologist

50.3 MB54:53 min
downloadDr Rishad Mohammed Essak - Skin Cancer and staying safe in the sun

48.1 MB52:35 min
downloadDr Yossi Unterslak - infertility

48.5 MB52:56 min
downloadWorld Diabetes Day- Understanding Diabetes - Michael Brown- Registered nurse and Diabetes educator

48.8 MB53:19 min
downloadProf. Michael Hebst - Male specific cancers

48.4 MB52:50 min
downloadDr Ishad M Essack registered dermatologist - Psoriasis

50.7 MB55:23 min
downloadDr Jacqueline Frost Arthritis and lupus

33.3 MB36:25 min
downloadDr Sandiep Ruda Diabetes Endocrinologist

44.9 MB49:05 min
downloadAre you listening to me Dizziness and new technology in Audiology - Charlene Brett

53.2 MB58:06 min
downloadDischem Medical Monday - Human papillomavirus - HPV Dr Trudy Smith

43.8 MB47:50 min
downloadYvonne Holt

46 MB50:16 min
downloadThe Miracle Vitamin- Vitamin D - pharmacist- Giulia Criscuolo

51.9 MB56:41 min
downloadIs Suicide on the rise- Warning signs and How to have the conversation- SADAG

51.3 MB56:01 min
downloadNicholas Ingle - The road to addiction recovery

42.9 MB46:54 min
downloadTracey-Lee Dorny - The effects of microwave radiation on our bodies

26.1 MB56:59 min
downloadHow to turn your health around - Vic Boston

23.8 MB52:05 min
downloadPreventing and Dealing with Dog bites - Michelle Moll

24.9 MB54:28 min
downloadJeff Yates - wings for change

10.1 MB22:06 min
downloadDealing with long term head injuries - Headways - Bianca Burgurs

24.2 MB52:43 min
downloadUterine Fibroids - Interventional radiologist Dr Gary Sudwarts

17.5 MB38:15 min
downloadLizeth Kruger - The Baby Show

25.4 MB55:30 min
downloadDr Jacqui Weyer fro the NCID - Zika Virus

26.5 MB57:47 min
downloadDischem Medical Monday - Dr Lance Lasersohn

26.1 MB57:00 min
downloadClaudette Medefindt our Science Director

23.6 MB51:27 min

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