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The Morning Mayhem

Monday to Friday 6 - 9am

Kathy and and the team delve into everything relevant to Middle East, local and world Jewish communities. Thispower team will keep you updated, informed and entertained as your day begins. News, Traffic, Weather, Sport, Israel, Australia, Tech, Marketing, Mental Health, Riddles for kids and great music all make for a good mix of Morning Radio - and it's the BEST start to your Day. 

Your Afternoon with Howard Feldman

Monday to Thursday 4 - 6pm

Your Afternoon with Howard Feldman brings a new sense of ration, calm and good sense into a world gone mad. Howard and his team bring you breaking news, interesting views, qualified opinions from top experts, daily Israel Reports, the America Report with Dovid Efune of the Algemeiner, The London Report with Brendan Beder and volumes of additional information all delivered with Howard Feldman's wit and ascerbic humour. 


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DownloadNamePlaySize Length
downloadBabbara Morrison - Givers of Hope

44.2 MB48:17 min
downloadJessica Webster - renowned artist survivor of a vicious attack which left her partially paralyzed

45.4 MB49:35 min
downloadReluctant Heroes

44.6 MB48:40 min
downloadDid i said yes to life

40.8 MB44:30 min
downloadRabbi Levi Avtzon - Mellenial

45.1 MB49:15 min
downloadProf Jeanne Zaidel Rudolph

46.7 MB51:00 min
downloadDean Murinik - Overcome our Tsunamis

50.1 MB54:43 min
downloadKlasie Wessels - Living a life with Purpose and compassion

49 MB53:32 min
downloadRabbi Michael Katz - Life death and after life

49.7 MB54:14 min
downloadRene Pozniak - Courage to resist

48.8 MB53:19 min
downloadRabbi Levi Avtzon - Fear versus faith

49.5 MB54:03 min
downloadRobyn Cowan - The Healing Power of colour

47.8 MB52:10 min
downloadRabbi Alon Joseph and Norman Jackson - Live your part

44.4 MB48:32 min

40.6 MB44:18 min
downloadRabbi Levi Avtzon - Leaders you never knew

47.8 MB52:14 min
downloadDevorah Rothman - Postnatal Depression

49.3 MB53:51 min
downloadJodi Story

40.1 MB43:50 min
downloadMarc Pozniak - The Responsibility of Freedom

43.6 MB47:35 min
downloadViktor Frank - The Rebbe

38.8 MB42:25 min
downloadConnection a human Value - Rabbi Levi Avtzon

43.5 MB47:31 min
downloadBernad Katz and Isaak Resnick

48.7 MB53:12 min
downloadRobyn Cowen - Turning fear into Faith

43.8 MB47:49 min
downloadRabbi Michael Katz - Suffering and loss

52.4 MB57:15 min
downloadSearching for meaning

46.4 MB50:38 min
downloadRene Pozniak - Courage people have to Rise above their own fear and take a stand against injustice.

50 MB54:36 min
downloadMike Damelin He spoke about the loss of his only son Warren

36.8 MB40:08 min
downloadProf. Mike Rudolph

38.8 MB42:26 min

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